“The secret of Christianity is not in doing. The secret is in Being. Real Christianity is in being a possessor of the nature of Jesus Christ.”John G. Lake

    5 star review  Some of the most inspired teachings I ever got, 100% Jesus oriented, lots of traditions of men were cleared out from my life by Anthony and Daisy

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7 Day Challenge

We have started this challenge to help people walk with God and develop a relationship with Him. Many people want to use God or think God uses them. This can't be farther from the truth. God created us for partnership! People can only walk out their destiny when they lean on and walk with God. During this school we will discuss topics such as the motivation of the heart, the nature and character of God, and our identity through Christ. In addition, participants will actively engage in renewal of their minds, evangelism, and more!

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Revealing Truths series uncovers simple truths to help people walk in the freedom God has call them into. Often times, people assume what they are being told is correct or don't even challenge it. I started sharing revealing truths as God has challenged me to go back and prove everything out with His word. It is important that it is 100% scriptural because many of the traditions of men we have been taught have gone too long unchallenged.

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We recently finished a webinar training called God is Healer! We have shed light upon the Nature of God, which is always good. He desires for all to be healed! After all He paid for it. This truth has lead to so many miraculous healings as we have traveled around the world! From empty hospital wards, Hindu temple surroundings, streets of cities, native Indian reservations, and church meetings, we have seen God heal them all!

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Life Transforming Book!

Life Transforming Bible Study was written to equip the reader with methods and tools to get answers to questions from God Himself through the Bible. This material is wonderful for a group study, for those who want to know and experience God's promises in their lives and for those who desire to regain the spark of joy and excitement in Bible study. Bite-sized sections are perfect for a daily devotional or a one-on-one coffee-cup length study, discussion, and application

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It's time to wake up Church! Jesus came and displayed the life of a Son of God so that we can walk the exact way He did. At Be The Gospel, we push for lifestyle over tradition. Jesus came and lived a life worthy to be called a Son of God. We will train you to do the same. Growing up into the full stature of Jesus Christ happens by walking with God and doing His Word. He never said sit and listen, listen and listen. We must take action, so come on let's shake this planet with truth!

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True relationship is much more than small talk or getting together on weekends. It’s real and raw. It is about walking side by side, boosting one another’s strengths and identifying weaknesses. Relationship means realizing they are flawed but loving them too much to leave them that way. “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Prov 27:17 ESV.


By walking out the Word of God, it gives you experiential knowledge and a real relationship with Christ Jesus. Jesus said if you love me do my commandments.


Your growth can be stumped if you have no accountability. You need people to help push you and be ‘real’ with you even if it hurts at first. “The truth will set you free but first it will make you mad.”


You need a strong foundation to operate out of. We will cover who you are in Christ Jesus by setting disciplines that will help you renew your mind.


We train believers to walk in the anointing they have in Christ Jesus. Discipleship is a key component in Jesus' model to us. In 3, 14, 90 days duration we walk out the Christian life at your side. (1 John 2:20,27)


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The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without hell.William Booth, The Salvation Army
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