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As we have traveled around the world for the past 3 years, God has taught us kingdom principles that have made us very effective for Him.  These kingdom truths have transformed our lives and the lives of others on several different continents. We believe God wants every believer to live in these truths as a lifestyle.

God has been pushing me to put into writing what He has taught me through revelation, experience and in His Word. These major projects will empower the body of Christ worldwide to Be the Gospel in an ever-closer fashion to the way that Jesus did. I believe that these projects will allow the body of Christ to live closer to the expectations that our Lord has for us and commanded us to live.

You may or may not know, but completing these projects is a very time consuming and labor intensive process. This is why we are asking you to become a Development Partner.  By partnering with us, you will allow us to be able to get these done, MUCH quicker by allowing us to fully focus on them.


  • Internship - Deep Impact-Sonship
  • Launch God Talks Manual
  • Launch New God is Healer Manual
  • Launch Sonship Manual
  • Finances & Financial Principles in the Kingdom Manual

There is now a major push in the Spirit to complete these projects and release them in a timely manner. At the same time, God is opening many doors locally to minister on a regular basis! These local opportunities will help us to dedicate more time to the manuals. We are asking for your continued support to make these life changing materials a reality.

We’ve been distracted by having to work on and off to supplement our ministry travel expenses, which delays the release of the manuals.  With your support we will be able to give our full attention to the completion of these projects! We are trying to find 400 people who can give at least $10 a month towards supporting the completion of these projects.

God is Healer

The God is Healer manual will enable believers to walk out God's will and plan for their lives.  It will open up believers to begin to see God heal 100% of the time!

I’ve been working hard on assembling all the things we have learned to be absolutely true by walking out God’s word. The manual will also include personal testimonies and examples of what God has showed us by walking with Him. It will include very simple and direct guidance through scriptures and using simple logic to defeat traditions of men that kept you from seeing what Jesus promised. Once you have removed all doubt, one can easily pray the prayer of faith/trust and see immediate results.

Don’t ever put God in a box!  We do not teach theory or philosophy.  We teach and train then demonstrate God’s TRUTH.

God Talks

God is good and wants you to hear Him more than you want to hear Him. He makes it all simple.

As you let go of any preconceived ideas, surrendering yourself to God, He catches you, and speaks through you, not only radically changing you, but the lives of everyone around you.

This simple manual walks you through understanding the reliability of God’s word and spoken words to your heart and mind.  We cover:

  • Laying the foundation of Christ
  • How God communicates to you.
  • How to know when it is God
  • Surrendering to God
  • Practically applying what you’ve learned

If every believer in the church, would hear God’s voice clearly, then the enemy’s plans for causing chaos in the church and in believer’s lives would be crushed.  Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would rise up and stomp the devil out with encouragement and love.  

This would completely change the culture and effectiveness of the church!


Receiving our identity from Jesus allows us to walk in all the goodness of God. We naturally replicate/mimic/become whatever we place before us. This manual will teach you all about Jesus and who He is in you!

Most people identify with the people in the Bible that need help. That causes them to miss their true identity from Jesus. Failure of identity is one of the major issues in the church today that is keeping you and the church from becoming what Jesus promised.

We make the differentiation between You in Christ and Christ in you. This is a thin redline. Yet it makes all the difference. One is focused on you and the other is focus on Christ. When we get to know who Jesus is in us, failure becomes a thing of the past!

Be The Gospel Bible

Just in case, the prior projects were not exciting enough, the most exciting project that we will EVER do is the Be The Gospel Bible.  It is extremely difficult if not impossible for some who has never walked out what God has made available for us to accurately translate into another language.

When we read the scriptures with the correct understanding it opens up many new things. These are only minor tweaks , but they make a huge difference! Yes, in the past few years, I’ve learned that one word was correctly translated makes all the difference in the world. 

For example: Faith just means Trust! 

When we plug in the word Trust every time we see the word Faith it makes perfect sense every time.

“We walk by Trust not by sight.”

We are working on getting a printed version to work with the digital version we will be releasing this year!

Development Partners



Per Month
  • God is Healer Manual paperback
  • God Talks Manual paperback
  • Sonship Manual paperback
  • Be The Gospel Bible paperback



Per Month
  • Be The Gospel T-shrit
  • God is Healer Manual paperback
  • God Talks Manual paperback
  • Sonship Manual paperback
  • Be The Gospel Bible paperback
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    Per Month
    • Be The Gospel T-shrit
    • God is Healer Manual paperback
    • God Talks Manual paperback
    • Sonship Manual paperback
    • Be The Gospel Bible paperback