Our Speaking Team

Anthony Tijerina

Anthony Tijerina is a Reconciliation Practitioner from Texas, passionate about God, teaching others to walk with Jesus Christ, uniting people to Christ through discipleship. Otherwise, he’s probably doing the Word instead of sharing it. Anthony loves walking with God and executing God’s will everywhere he goes. Find out more here.

Daisy Tijerina

Daisy’s passion has always been singing to God. She is an anointed worshipper and psalmist. Daisy constantly touches God’s heart by praising God with her entire soul. Find out more here.

Marcelo & Christina

Located near Sao Paulo, Brazil, this power packed couple preach the Gospel with signs and wonders following. Their passion to share the good news is only matched by their love for people. Find out more here.

Scott & Laury

A power house of love and mercy. This couple of God shares truths by example and love. God impacts people through their amazing love for each other and everyone around them.

Arjan & Amanda

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