God delivered him from Demonic possession

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One friend of our Pune gang, we got to disciple her and now she is a warrior, she sent this testimony now!

Even I have My Own Testimony. I Got My Younger brother to meet you’ll. He is a Single Parent child. He was in 2nd Std when his Dad passed away. Since then he dint believed in God much but slowly his Mom n other elders of th house forced him to worship other Gods.
Since his birth he had this problem of running in sleep towards the door. His mom n My Granny both took him to a Pandit n he said he’s demon possessed, coz of which he cannot have a peaceful sleep. Since then I had decided to bring to meet you’ll.

N Our Lord Is Truly Great. Its being a week n He didnt woke up even once. Instead My Brother Loved you guys so much that throughout the journey he was talking about you’ll.
Even the next day since morning he was behind me to take him to fellowship but then I had to go out with his mom.

You remember u said to him,
(God Almighty)He’s Your Daddy so ask him n He shall Give you.

This line touched him so much that he was telling the same

He’s willing to Know Jesus More

Everytime we meet slowly he asks me when are we going there?

That was her own words..

When this boy met us, few days back, he said, I believe in all gods.. So I told him the truth, openly, there is only ONE God and He died for you, you tell that one true God to show Himself to you now, Jesus will show up right now.

He literally challenged Jesus in his heart, if you are real, show yourself today, and yes He did, his legs were just trembling under the power of God, he gave His life to Jesus and now he is completely set free from his problem. This boy used to get up at mid night when he sleeps and gets up and runs and beats his mom and brother and he doesn’t know anything about it. Now he is completely set free and having a peaceful sleep, after so long, JESUS SET HIM FREE!!