God touching a man in the ground

In by Be The Gospel


Today morning, I was on a ground, running and just came by the side, where there are some gyming machines. I Was working out there and saw another small boy doing something there.. Just felt like talking to him and as I was speaking, he said, he is from Vadodara, they have come to put some stalls there in the ground. And he showed me his mom and dad. And I went to talk to his mom and started sharing about Jesus, she didn’t even know who He was. Holy Spirit told me to tell her to call her husband and yes he came and we began to talk.

She didn’t have any disease or something But we know she still needed Jesus. I began to share more with her and her husband and another old man came and sat inside the tent we were and was listening. After explaining the gospel, I invited them to recieve Jesus, all three of them gave their life to Jesus, this husband got so lost in the presence of God that I am just calling and calling him, he couldn’t wake up. I patted on him and he got up with a jerk. Asked him what had happened, he said, he felt someone come inside of him, and he said, he started showing me so many beautiful places and I was lost in it, I wasn’t here. This is eternal life, to know Him, that God has promised us (John 17:3).

God is doing some amazing things with me too. I shared the gospel with them and Testimonies too for almost one and half hours in Hindi which is just God. The old man was so excited to know more about God. He said, show me a place where I can know so much more about Jesus so that I can share with everyone I see.

I carry Hindi bibles, everywhere I go, so gave it to both of them. And Praise God for the people God has given us all over India. I immediately called Bro Freddy from Vadodara and connected them with him. They stay close to his house. Now after they go back, they can still connected!

Enjoying his life eternal flowing into lives and making difference! Thank you Jesus!!